Determined to leave an indelible mark on the DC art world, LUMAS in Georgetown has a Grand Opening for the public this Thursday night, with the unveiling of Doubletake // The works of HG Esch and Robert Haas. Beginning November 20th, (6pm) LUMAS will showcase the works of these two incredible and world renowned artists for about two months. In case you weren’t aware, LUMAS is a new gallery in Georgetown, (in the area sometimes referred to as “Lanierville“) that offers young collectors and all art-lovers a diverse selection of works by over 120 established artists and emerging newcomers. At 14 galleries in Germany, in SoHo New York, Boston, Miami, Zurich, and Paris more than 940 works are available as original photographs in editions of 75 to 150, signed by the artist. These editions allow LUMAS to offer affordable prices between 100 and 800 USD. LUMAS makes museum-quality art photography affordable for everyone. 

Through his work for the major international architectural firms, classically trained German photographer H.G. Esch has had a front row seat for the inspiration and technology that decisively defines today’s urban spaces and those of the future. In the numerous monographs dedicated to his work, Esch’s architecture photographs show where compact megacities feel even more crowded in their highly aesthetic, image-filling density. His series takes us from coast to distant coast – New York to Hong Kong – revealing new perspectives on the ways we build, work, and live. The facades of the new megacities mark both progress and upheaval. Esch complements and juxtaposes the sky-scraping structures of the world’s powerful economic centers with the close-up images of the individuals who keep the economic machines running. The next building boom will bring with it new architectural fashions – and new concepts of urban life – again summoning H.G. Esch to document them in classical perfection.

In an effort to capture the grandeur and mystique of the earth’s continents from a unique perspective, Robert B. Haas has taken to the skies over Africa and South America. Originally successful businessman and now also passionate photographer whose work has been published by National Geographic, the Texas native turns his attention to these continents’ people, animals, and breathtaking landscapes. Haas’s work is not without hazard as he hangs from a chartered Cessna to get the best, unobscured view of the mountains, deserts, or waters below – nor without special personal reward. Throughout his photographic career, Haas has donated issues of his books and all royalties to schools, libraries, nonprofit foundations, and wildlife conservation organizations throughout the world, acts that were recognized with a United Nations Environment Programme Award in 2002. The images simultaneously reflect a respect for a world too large to grasp and yet also for a world of minute detail. From such a distant vantage point, the aerial photographs inherit a beautifully artistic, abstracted quality; however, Haas’s true talent is revealed in his refusal to compromise precision.

So yea, Thursday, November 20th, 6pm. Come by and help keep the DC art scene thriving. -kk