Times are tough, boys and girls. Apparently, someone, somewhere said we’re in a “recession”?? Not sure what all that mess is about… but what I am sure of, is IT’S THE HOLIDAY SEASON!  Huzzah, huzzah! And what better way to show the ones you love, that you do in fact remember their names and what not, than art! Yessir&ma’am, here’s what I’m proposing – If you’re a local DC artist, looking to hawk some goods this season, maybe make some extra Christmas stash-cash, hit me with an email at kevin.koski@gmail.com. I’ll be more than happy to do a quick profile, and put your stuff up here on blast, and in return, I’ll ask of nothing more than to have you tell a friend about District Creatives, and the movement we’re running here. Sound good? So email me with whatever you have, gimme a quick background, and boom, you’ll be solving both your holiday gift-giving situation, and you’ll be helping our community become more and more prevalent in the national and international art scene. 

Also, this coming Friday is the opening of the Downtown Holiday market, so you know… if your not into this whole “internetz” thingie, for buying/selling your goods, definitely check out the market, located F Street – NW between Seventh and Ninth Streets. Go! -kk