So, it’s like what, a week before Christmas? Something like that? Don’t know what to get that person-who-has-everything on you list? How about this little number… 

FAME : Five Years of the Portraiture & Art of Kevin A. Koski

This 50 page retrospective, printed on hi-gloss paper and bound in special edition dust jacket, is a one of a kind gift that… alright, you know what? Honestly, this is a look back for me, at the 5 years (come February) that I’ve lived and worked in Washington DC, and some of the great and amazing people that I’ve grown to admire and respect. These images in this book, (it really is 50 pages) are shots that I’ve always liked, for one reason or another, and have decided to publish. From presidents and kings, to clients, models and friends, these images are the ones that I feel best represent me and my work. So, for a limited time, and a run of 20 books, (really, on high-gloss paper) this 50 page book can be yours. No profit to me, but if you buy one, I’ll sign and number it for you. : ) 

So… either order one online, or contact me at

Merry Christmas!