A question :

Maybe it’s the Paul Simon, “Kodachrome” playing in the background, and me getting all nostalgic at the notion of getting a new set of equipment, (Merry Christmas to me indeed!) but is photography – as an art form – being diluted by the ever-changing and improving world of “digital”? I got to thinking about this topic a few weeks ago, at a holiday party, and it’s been eating at me. You see, I’m a guy who thinks that what I do, is offer art, as my service. I’m not just a hired gun, trying to get a shot here and there, to fill a page of a magazine, rather I’m creating something special every time I see and shoot.  And while I think I’m somewhat good at what I do, and people like and respect my work, I sometimes feel as though because it’s so easy to get a DSLR with more than 10 megapixels, anyone can do what I do (for the most part) and be successful at it. 

I pose this question because every once in a while, I look at my work, and wonder “Is this it?”, and become un-inspired… and then I see this – 


Image by Val Proudkii

Image by Val Proudkii

Val Proudkii is a man who embodies everything that is still right with photography, in 2009. The name may not roll off of your tounge, (and I may or may not have spelled that right – there’s no Ukranian spell-checker on WordPress… yet) but I’m sure you’ve seen his amazing work. If you’ve ever been down to Eastern Market on a lazy sunday, or you ventured down to the Holday Market, or Arts on Foot, he’s been there selling prints. His works are hard to miss as well. He captures breathtaking snapshots of life in a way that I only wish I could capture, and once in a while, (and especially on this – the first day of the new year) we all need a little inspiration to get us started. Proudkii imspires me, if you’re looking for some great inspiration, check here, here, and here. Happy New Year, creative people of DC. -kk

{{Note, I did not ask permission to use the photograph above. I hope that (if) Mr. Proudkii sees the image, he understands that I am posting it as a tribute and a link to his work. Again, the photo is NOT kevinkoskiPHOTO.}}