Canon, (a far superior digital camera system*) is having a contest called, “Why Do You Love Football”, and one of DC’s finest, (and one of my boys) Tom Manning, was chosen out of thousands to be one of several finalists. We now need your help though – If you’re bored in your cubicle today, and you have 3-5 extra minutes, go to Canon’s Website Here,

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click on “Photo Contest” in the top-left hand side-bar-thingie, and follow instructions. If our boy Tom gets enough votes, he gets to go to, and presumably photograph, the Super Bowl in Miami next month… Wait, I want to go to the… wait… Ok, new plan – Vote for Tom’s image, then implore Tom to bring me. (I’ll post his email, should he win) : ) -kk

(*Far Superior – If you own Canon equipment.) : )