Hey sportsfan – Two days of rain got’cha down? The most depressing man in news media, telling you that the sky is falling every day? Worried that if you live in Virginia, omitting a canoe, there’s no way you’re getting into the District for inauguration day? Want some more fun news? Adele, the girl who charmed us all with the mildly depressing, but hauntingly beautiful “Chasing Pavements“, is coming back to DC for a return show. The show is sold out, but on Saturday the 17th, the 20 year-old neo-soul songstress will once again grace the 9:30 Club stage. So check your craigslistings because there’s got to be someone who’s double-booked with an inaguration party or something, and is looking to dump their tickets. And if you can go see her perform live, you’ll be much more impressed with this young woman as she channels voices much older than her own on stage. And cheer up! It’s already Wednesday! It’s almost Thursday… which is almost Friday! So hit the volume on that song above, and rise above the rainclouds. -kk