And now, a new feature on District Creatives – New Release Friday. Now, we all know that albums get released on Tuesday, and that it’s been that way since the dawn of time. (Or at least, since I last worked in a record store, circa 1995.) However, I sometimes like to “mail it in” for Friday posts, and so, I’ve decided to review one new release of the week, and give it to you here. …Except, I picked a crappy week to start. : ) 

The only somewhat “major” release this week, was by Brooklyn singer/songwriter Jessie Kilguss, “Nocturnal Drifter” The former actress-turned-songstress’ second release is shaped by the help of her production team, Super Buddha, (Blondie, Rufus Wainwright) and is a remarkable tour-de-force of epic highs and lows. It’s an exotic and romantic record that not only showcases her talented voice, but is as sonically diverse as a 12th-grader’s mix tape. (if that 12th-grader was me). Overall, it’s as great a sophmore effort as I’ve heard, and definitely worth a listen. Here’s the video for “Time on My Hands”, and her myspace page.