It’s an absolute rarity, that I post multiple images from one artist to profile. But in Malek Naz’s case, I don’t think that I even have enough bandwith to explain to you the level of photography that she’s on. : ) At the heart of the matter, this blog/site is about showcasing artists that are either under the radar, under-appreciated, or just about to make the leap – Malek Naz Freidouni might be all three, which is ironic, … as she also might be the most talented and visionary photographer in the DC metro area. 

Born & raised in Tehran, until age 5, Naz’s family escaped Iranian revolution and settled in Washington DC in the early 80’s. The young Malek Naz found herself in love with the creative & artistic community, and so in her late teens, enrolled in The Corcoran School where she graduated in 2000, with a BFA in Photography. 

After years of assisting in the DC and metro area, Naz’s work and vision took her to, (where else?) Manhattan. For a short while, while splitting time between NYC & DC, she honed her craft, but more importantly – was the manager of photographer Jacques Malignon’s studio and had the chance to meet and learn from the best. After a while, it was apparent that Naz’s work had was approaching the level of professionalism that she had desired, and so she shifted focus slightly, (ugh, a photography pun… sorry) and found a subject matter that she wanted to concentrate on –  her passion was to photograph the purest of subjects;  kids.  

“Every shoot is uncontrolled and always a surprise that’s the best part of photographing children.”, says Freidouni. Still splitting a good deal of time between NYC & DC, Malek Naz now spends her time freelancing. On the radar next? To travel back to Iran 2009 summer where she plans to start a new photographic journey exploring Iran’s rebellious youth.

I think, that the best part about writing this blog/site, is that I really don’t have to answer to anyone. I’m not a large publication, and I’m not some big glossy magazine, pretending to care about the art community. I’m not a critic, and I’m not a scholar – I’m a meat & potatos photographer and artist, who knows what he likes, and who understands that Washington DC is currently just a blip on the wide scope of the art world, but I also know this – If artists like Malek Naz Freidouni continue to practice their craft, and operate out our nation’s capital, then there’s no way that we’ll be under the radar for long. -kk