I was college roomates with Adam Perry, bass players for Perpetual Groove.  This has put me in a weird position.  I could, I COULD regale you with stories of how I was there when Brock Butler met Adam Perry, back in 1997 at SCAD. I could also tell you all about the late night sessions that fueled the creative fire of these two guys. I could also tell you all about how Perry introduced all of us, and Savannah, to appreciate the works of Monster Magnet, Bela Fleck, and Medeski, Martin & Wood.  Or how Brock’s legendary status as one of the most prolific assasins in “Golden Eye” is one of the reasons my carpal tunnel syndrome is so bad. OR… I could just tell you that one of the country’s most amazing jam/prog/rock/dance/jam bands is finally going to be back in the area this evening. 

Perpetual Groove will be at State Theatre (out in Falls Church) , with Basshound tonight. If you want to go for a ride, and see an amazing live show, and how music should be done – Go see my first (at SCAD) roomate, and tell him that not only will Room 311 in O-House never be the same, but that he and Brock are doing big things, and all of us SCAD alumni could not be prouder. : ) (sp-more proud?…again, we all went to art school. we’re not big on spelling.) : ) -kk